Experience the Difference between Custom Wood Flooring from BWF

Bespoke Engineered Wood Flooring: Custom Solutions for Your Unique Space

When creating a captivating living or working space, attention to detail and quality materials play a crucial role. Bespoke Wood Flooring (BWF) offers a truly customizable experience with its custom wood flooring options, featuring exceptional craftsmanship and unparalleled attention to detail. With a vast selection of colours and styles, BWF allows you to tailor your wood flooring to your specifications, resulting in a visually stunning space and uniquely yours.

Let’s explore the step-by-step process of selecting, customizing, and finishing your flooring with BWF and discover how it can make a significant difference in your space

Step 1: Select Your Plank

BWF offers four styles of plank types, each with unique charm and characteristics. Whether you prefer Herringbone’s timeless elegance, Classic Plus’s versatility, Classic Wide’s visual impact, or Classic Prime’s refined look, BWF has the perfect plank to suit your style and project requirements. The careful selection of the plank type sets the foundation for the overall aesthetic of your custom wood flooring.

Step 2: Select Your Colors

BWF presents an extensive selection of 45 exquisite colours, providing homeowners and businesses with a broad palette for their design preferences. From warm and rich tones that create a cosy atmosphere to vibrant and bold shades that make a statement, BWF ensures a colour to suit every vision and harmonize with any decor style. The diverse range of colours allows homeowners to explore various design aesthetics and personalize their living spaces accordingly. Whether you lean towards classic elegance, contemporary minimalism, or eclectic charm, BWF offers shades that seamlessly blend with your desired interior style.

It’s important to note that while colour samples are provided for reference, the natural variations in wood mean that each finished product will have its unique character, adding to the charm and authenticity of your custom wood flooring.

Step 3: Select Matching Accessories

To complete your custom wood flooring project, BWF offers a full range of solid oak accessories made to order and meticulously colour-matched to your flooring. These accessories include T-bars, end bars, ramp bars, scotia, and more, ensuring a seamless transition between different areas and providing a cohesive and harmonious look throughout your space. In addition, the attention to detail in matching the accessories to your flooring adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the overall design.

Unparalleled Craftsmanship and Quality

BWF is deeply committed to delivering unparalleled craftsmanship and unwavering quality in every aspect of our custom wood flooring. We take immense pride in our work, from selecting the finest materials to meticulous manufacturing and rigorous quality control. Our skilled artisans pour their expertise and passion into each plank, resulting in flooring that is not only beautiful but also durable and timeless.

The Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process at BWF showcases their expertise and attention to detail. Each plank undergoes a meticulous treatment to enhance its natural beauty and ensure durability. The wood is carefully brushed to enhance the grain pattern and open the pores, allowing deeper oil penetration. Our process results in a visually stunning and textured finish. We take great care to address imperfections to ensure a flawless product meticulously. A coloured UV oil, specifically chosen for its quality and longevity, is applied using a roller coaster, ensuring even coverage and vibrant colours. The planks then pass through buffing pads to ensure the oil is thoroughly embedded into the wood, providing long-lasting colours and protection. Finally, a UV drying machine seals the oil, preserving its beauty and enhancing the durability of the planks.

End-to-End Management

One of the advantages of choosing BWF is its complete control over the entire manufacturing process. With their state-of-the-art finishing machine in our London factory, BWF can produce up to 300m2 of finished boards per hour. This level of control ensures that lead times are minimized, allowing for efficient handling of large orders. Moreover, BWF’s ability to finish customers’ flooring and accessories using their machine adds a personalized touch, providing a truly bespoke experience.

Unmatched Durability and Warranty

BWF’s engineered wood flooring is designed for stability and longevity. The composite core and the top layer of oak provide exceptional durability and resistance to warping and expansion. BWF’s custom wood flooring is versatile and can be used in settings with varying humidity levels. In addition, BWF’s flooring is fully guaranteed to be fitted over most water-based underfloor heating systems, adding to its versatility.

To demonstrate their confidence in the quality and durability of their products, BWF offers a remarkable 50-year warranty on all wood flooring. This warranty ensures that your investment is protected and gives you peace of mind knowing that your flooring will maintain its beauty and functionality for decades.

Transforming Your Space

You can transform your space into a unique and captivating environment by choosing custom wood flooring from Bespoke Wood Flooring. The ability to select the plank type, colours, and matching accessories allows you to create a flooring solution that perfectly aligns with your vision and design preferences. So whether you’re aiming for a rustic and character-filled ambience with the Herringbone style or a more contemporary and refined look with the Classic Prime style, BWF’s range of options ensures that your custom wood flooring reflects your style and elevates the overall aesthetic of your space.

Moreover, BWF’s commitment to excellence and attention to detail shine through in every aspect of its custom wood flooring. Each plank is carefully crafted and finished to order, ensuring that it meets the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. The result is a flooring solution that not only enhances the beauty of your space but also withstands the test of time, maintaining its elegance and durability even in high-traffic areas.

Installing BWF Engineered Wood Flooring

Bespoke Wood flooring (BWF) offers a range of high-quality engineered wood flooring options. However, before starting your installation project, you must know specific considerations related to starter/split boards, underfloor heating compatibility, and fitting methods. This article will guide you through these aspects, ensuring a successful and hassle-free installation of BWF-engineered wood flooring.

Starter/Split boards

In every pack of BWF-engineered wood flooring, you can expect to find starter/split boards, typically accounting for up to 25% of the total planks. These split boards are purposely included and used to begin a new row during installation. When starting a new row, these split boards ensure a visually seamless and structurally sound installation. 

To make the most of the split boards, Prioritize using them as the initial planks when starting a new row to maintain uniformity and stability. Remember that including split boards is common in all plank flooring and should not be a cause for concern.

Underfloor Heating Compatibility

BWF-engineered wood flooring suits water-based underfloor heating systems, providing efficient heat distribution and comfort throughout your space. However, it’s important to note that BWF floors are not recommended for systems laid on a metal tray underneath the subfloor. To ensure a successful underfloor heating installation, Confirm that you have a water-based underfloor heating system before installing BWF-engineered wood flooring. Also, avoid laying the flooring over a metal tray, as this can compromise the stability and performance of the floor.

Refer to BWF’s website or consult a professional installer for detailed guidelines and specifications.

How to Fit the Bespoke Wood Flooring

Bespoke Wood flooring floors are designed to float or fully adhere to the subfloor. The choice of fitting method depends on various factors, including personal preference, subfloor condition, and project requirements.

Floating method

Engineered wood planks are interlocked and not directly attached to the subfloor when floating. This method is great for DIY projects or the subfloor cannot accommodate adhesive application because it offers flexibility and simpler installation. Moreover, underlayment is commonly used with the floating method to enhance sound and heat insulation.

Fully adhered to the subfloor installation method

It is essential to evaluate the subfloor type to ensure an appropriate approach. Various subfloor types, such as floor joists, battens, existing floorboards/plywood/chipboard, concrete, or screed, require specific considerations and techniques to achieve optimal results.

Careful assessment of the subfloor’s stability and evenness is necessary for floor joists or battens. This may involve additional preparatory steps, such as levelling, to ensure a solid foundation. Suitable adhesives and fasteners designed for this subfloor construction are then employed to bond the wood flooring securely.

When working with existing floorboards, plywood, or chipboards, it is crucial to ascertain their structural integrity and cleanliness. Therefore, the surface must be prepared accordingly before applying specialized adhesives that facilitate a strong and durable connection between the wood flooring and the subfloor.

When dealing with concrete or screed subfloors, paying attention to moisture levels, potential cracks, and surface evenness is important. To ensure the stability and longevity of the installation, it’s essential to use appropriate moisture barriers and adhesive systems for full adherence.

By meticulously evaluating each subfloor type and implementing tailored installation techniques, Bespoke Woodflooring ensures that its flooring is fully adhered to in a manner best suited for each project’s specific requirements. This diligent approach guarantees exceptional performance, longevity, and utmost customer satisfaction with the final result.


Choosing custom wood flooring from Bespoke Wood Flooring is a decision to invest in your space’s beauty, quality, and uniqueness. The step-by-step process of selecting your plank, choosing your colours, Ni, and adding matching accessories allows you to create a truly personalized flooring solution that reflects your style, personality, and vision. With their exceptional craftsmanship, extensive customization options, and unwavering commitment to quality, BWF is the ideal partner for elevating your space with exquisite custom wood flooring.

Experience the difference between custom wood flooring from BWF and unlock the potential to create a space that truly reflects your individuality and taste. Embrace the beauty, durability, and versatility of BWF’s custom wood flooring and embark on a journey to transform your space into a captivating and inviting environment.

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